Display Lyrics in Windows Media Player


I added lyrics to many mp3 (in tag UNSYNCEDLYRICS).

These lyrics are displayed when I listen to mp3 on my smartphone but not when I use Windows Media Player or Groove Music on my PC.

How can I do to have these lyrics displayed on my pc too ?

Thanks$ you

A player problem.
See a Mcrosoft answer on groove musc:

see this thread on WMP:

a) If you want to see Subtitles for videos and lyrics for audios, then install K-Lite Codec Pack Mega selecting Windows Media Player as the default player, otherwise you can see the subtitles only in Media Player Classic, which comes with K-Lite Codec Pack Mega.
b) Run Codec Tweak Tool ► Media Foundation, and disable Media Foundation for all file extensions.

c) If you want to see lyrics for audios in Windows Media Player, then you can search and download and install VividLyrics plugin for Windows Media Player, or you can download Splayer, which can display both: the *.srt video subtitles and the *.lrc audio lyrics.

Does it read the UNSYNCLYRICS tag ?

Yes. Of course. The unsynced lyrics are displayed in the Player as a still text.
However, I would advise you to use synced lyrics (*.srt, *.lrc) more than the unsynced lyrics. The synced lyrics are displayed like a karaoke text on the screen and you can follow after the words while you listen them, and you can study even foreign languages in this way and even to sing the song.
★ The video *.srt and the audio *.lrc file must have the same file name, which has the media file being played in order to display the karaoke moving text on the player screen.

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I mainly use the display of lyrics for studying foreign languages , the texts are very short so no problem if unsynced. I will try both. On my Galaxy S10, the standard Samsung player reads perfectly the UNSYNCLYRIC tag I don't know if it would read synced lyrics in a separate file.

I installed K-Lite Codec Pack Mega as you said and Windows Media Player is set as the default player for In Windows settings, but when I play a mp3 with UNSYNCLYRICS tag, I see no lyrics

What did I do wrong ? May be is it with WMP. Shouldn't a specific window open for lyrics ?


1.► The first step, you have already done, and now you can see video subtitles, if you have a *.srt file with the same file name of your video file.
2. ► Now download and install VividLyrics, it is a lyrics plugin for many players, and when you install it, then you can select it to support Windows Media Player, Winamp and some other players too.
3.► After installing VividLyrics, open any mp3 file with Windows Media Player. The mp3 or any other audio file must have lyrics embedded in its tag or it must have a *.lrc file, which has the same name as the playing audio file.
4.► Then right click in Windows Media Player Screen: More Options ► Plug-ins ► Visualization ► VividLyrics, and see what you would like it to do.
5.► The last step. Right Click on Windows Media Player screen and choose Visualizations ► VividLyrics. And select your favorite preset. All is done, enjoy.

★ It can display synced lyrics in Windows Media Player, but if it will not display the embedded still unsynced lyrics, then downgrade your K-Lite Codec Pack Mega not higher than version 16.0.2, then search and download and install Local Subtitles Plugin for WMP 1.6.1

Also, you can download SPlayer, and it will display both: the subtitles for video files and the lyrics for audio files. You can search SPlayer by Google Search or you can download it with this URL Address:

★ Or with this address:
Download SPlayer 4.9.4 x64-Bit.