Reading lyrics in Windows Media Player 12


I can read lyrics on my smartphone mp3 reader the lyrics stored in UNSYNCLYRICS field of mp3 but not on my PC with Windows Media Player 12.

Is it possible wwith WMP ? How can I do it?


WMP expects lyrics with the same language token as the system language. Have a look at a field of the type UNSYNCEDLYRICS: it starts with a three-letter-code for the language, e.g. deu (in my case) or eng for English and so on.
WMP would display only lyrics with the "deu" code on my system ... unless you set the code to "xxx" which means sort of "any language".
So load the files into MP3tag, filter for files that do not have "xxx" as languange code with

NOT %unsyncedlyrics% HAS "xxx||"

Create an action (quick) of the type "Replace with regular expression" for UNSYSNCEDLYRICS
Search string: ^...
Replace string: xxx
Update WMP and see whether you get the lyrics.


I will try it when I am back home tonight.

Is this prefix eng|| or xxx|| used for other functions that in WMP ??

I left eng|| and have no problem to read the lyrics on my smartphone mp3 player. and the lyrics are in greek or in thaï!


The prefix xxx|| means: no specific language.
You could have several fields for lyrics in different languages which would then be picked by WMP with attention to the local system language.

If other players do not care but take the first field they find (or English if no other language is present) then this could explain the behaviour that you observed.
To stay neutral use xxx||.

I did change the prefix but unfortunately, lyrics are still not displayed

Believe me, the xxx works.
So now it is time to get aquainted with the various settings in WMP to display lyrics (only during the current replay) and there in the context menu.
Also, the updating process for WMP has to be concluded. Sometimes this has to be done by deleting a track from the library and then restore deleted tracks again with the function from the Extras menu.