Display of Album Art on Mobile

No problem in applying album art on pc and it displays perfectly but when I transfer the songs to my mobile, it randomly picks the album art of a particular song and applies it to all the other songs edited with mp3tag. And no, the songs are not under a single album they are songs of different artists.

What kind of files are these? mp3? flac? wav? mp4?
Which tag fields have data? Have you also filled ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM and not just ARTIST and TITLE?

These are mp3 files. And yes I have filled TITLE, ARTIST, ALBUM, ALBUM ARTIST

I dont really understand what you mean by tag fields

Those words in capitals are the names for tag field variables in MP3tag. (A tag consists of several fields).
The last field should be ALBUMARTIST in one word - it could be, that if you have that field in your files that the player still looks for data in ALBUMARTIST - and if there is none then it considers all tracks to be by one performer, the performer without name.
To see the name that you used for the field ALBUMARTIST:
select a single file
Press Alt-T which opens the dialogue "extended tags".
In that dialogue check the name: is it ALBUM ARTIST or ALBUMARTIST (only the latter is the right one).

Ah I think I got it. The songs which are displaying the same album art in my mobile do not seem to have that ALBUMARTIST field filled. Filling them will fix the issue hopefully. Thanks for your help!

It would help to know as well which mobile device you are using, and also which app(s) you are running for your music player.

I think this is a fairly universal phenomenon that if ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM are missing all tracks are grouped together as "the tracks from the album with no name by the performer with no name". As soon as you fill these fields, the files get grouped in an expected way.

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Yup filling the ALBUMARTIST field fixed the issue. Thanks for your help! :smiley:

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