Display "tool" (e.g., LAME 3.97) and total tracks

Can't seem to figure out why I can't get the encoder tool to display in a column in mp3tag. I use %_tool% as the value name and nothing gets displayed. Same files in fb2k display tool type with (in fb2k) $info(tool). Similar issue with displaying total tracks. In mp3tag, I'm using %_total% and nothing displays. In fb2k I see the total tracks. In mp3tag I do see the total in the track number (e.g., 2/11) but not in the total column I created. These outcomes are true across files coded with different encoders. But for example, recently encoded files with dbpoweramp (CD > FLAC > Lame mp3) don't show tool or total tracks), but do show these items in fb2k. Note that the FLAC file DOES in fact show the tool (flac ver 1.20) in mp3tag.

I'm using mp3tag 2.40. Thanks for any thoughts on what I'm missing.

This is mainly because Mp3tag does not analyse the files to query encoder information. This feature is also not planned, since it would require a lot of time and work which I plan to invest in other improvements of Mp3tag.

Regarding track numbers: have a look at the extended tag dialog to identify the field that was used to store the total track number.

%_total% in Mp3tag is not a tag field, it's a technical placeholder that gets the total track number from the TRACK tag if it is in x/x format.
It seems not to be supported in the columns view, but in Convert > tag - filename or Export
It is also only meant to display the total tracks, it cannot be edited.

Thanks. This explains it. My track field has x/x format and manipulations using this do work with regard to total tracks. As you said, it simply won't show up in columns view. I understand the reasoning Florian mentioned for not using the encoder tool info, but it seems that it wouldn't be difficult to have the %_total% value display in the columns view for tracks total. Not a big deal....I really just thought I was missing something in how I had set things up.