Displaying album artwork


For starters, this is the single best dedicated tagging program out there, hands down. Now I realized that it will grab album artwork and add it to the tag. My question is though how can I tell (aside from looking in the folder in windows explorer) if there's album art associated with a particular file. I checked around customizing the fields, but nothing there. Is there a specific tag name in the file for the artwork? ie. that type of idea? Basically is there a way in mp3tag that I can tell what album artwork I have? I would be even happy knowing what files DONT have artwork.

Thanks in advance.



Just press ALT+T

You can also make a new column with %_covers% as value.


Thanks man! Thats exactly what I was looking for. I didnt know what the syntax was.




Hmm...Maybe I am missing something here. I have quite a few of my files that contain artwork, and a few that the image is written to the tag. I am not sure which this entry is picking up. For example, I just did a lookup for "Chicago-Twenty 1" on Amazon. It tagged it, and pulled the album artwork. I verified its in its folder. However, mp3tag doesnt show anything in the cover field. But there are quite a few files that do show a value for cover, which is a "1". Any ideas? Or how bout a bitchslap to point out what i am missing. I am kinda lost.




%_covers% is only for images written in the tag.

It seems you didn't save it to the tag. When you use the amazon search, you must tick the option "save cover to tag" and use the OK button.


I've the same problem here... Making a column with Cover as the name and the field and value set to %_covers% doesn't display artwork in the files... Even though it HAS been written to the tag, since iTunes correctly displays it, and only accepts images in a tag. iTunes simply can't handle external images... And when I press ALT+T everything works fine.
An additional confirmation of the fact that the cover has indeed been written to the tag may be found here: I have tried to rename and delete the original files to see if they were still displayed: yes they were; even when forcibly updating the tag display information. So obviously I must be doing something wrong down here, since I've read about people getting it to work with the column... Could you hand me some additional tips?

Current setup for the column:

  • name: Cover
  • field: %_covers%
  • value: %_covers%
Seems to be alright, doesn't it?


You don't need field for covers.

Try this (it works with v2.35b and higher):
name: Cover
value: $if(%_covers%,x,)


Mp3tag 2.35:
Placeholder is $covers() - you must use this one

Mp3tag 2.35b and higher:
Placeholder is %_covers%

Yes, value is not needed!

But I wouldn't use $if(%_covers%,x,) since it only displays "x" if you have a cover, whereas %_covers% returns the number of images, so you see if you have 1 or more images in the tag.


Nah... Still doesn't do the trick... :frowning: The Cover column stays as empty as empty can be... Doesn't even report IF there's a cover, let alone show it... And all my other MP3-software (Windows Media Player, iTunes, WinAMP) shows it... So all I can say is that there's definately a cover in the tag... As is confirmed whenever I press ALT+T in Mp3Tag v2.35. I've even added the covers using MP3Tag, and of course I did click the Save Cover To Tag button, or else the other apps wouldn't have displayed the cover... I'm at a loss for what to say...

All right... Now I indeed get a 1 beside every track, since there's one cover per track for these tracks... Is there (or will there be, in the near future) a way to display the actual cover, exept for pressing ALT+T? i.e.: selecting a different View, as is possible in Windows Explorer?

Btw: the placeholder used in my case is indeed %covers()


Not at the moment. You can only view the cover by going to the Tags window.

You mean $covers().