Displaying ReplayGain info of MPC files


[MP3Tag 2.25n]

I setup a custom column for Replaygain (%REPLAYGAIN_TRACK_GAIN%), and just noticed that this doesn't get read from MPC's (it does show up for other formats). Also doesn't show up in the View->Tags dialog.

The files DO have ReplayGain info, courtesy of FB2K, and visible in that program.

musepack replaygain infos


ReplayGain information is not stored inside APEv2 tags, but directly into the MusePack file.
d4n0 requested adding support for MusePack ReplayGain information in the German section of the forum.




I've moved this topic to General, because it's not a bug (as Sebastian stated above).

I'm not sure, if it's good to support ReplayGain info both as tag fields (replaygain_...) and as tech fields (replaygain...).

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~ Florian


How about only supporting display/export of this info, no editing support.


I've added the tech fields for replaygain info with the latest Development Build.

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~ Florian


Any plans for supporting ReplayGain values stored inside the LAME header? :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you have any specs about it handy?