Distinguishing between 16 & 24 bit flac files

Can mp3tag tell me if flac files are 16 or 24 bit? I can't see a column which would show this information. There are a lot of 24 bit flac files going around at the moment, but they cause my Cowon J3 player to crash, so I would like to be able to look at all my flac files quickly to see which ones I need to convert to 16 bit.

I have noticed that all the 24 bit flac files I have come across so far are 96 kHz. I'm very new at this - can I assume that if a flac file is shown as 96 kHz in mp3tag, that means it will be a 24 bit file? And if mp3tag shows it as 44.1 kHz, will it by definition be a 16 bit file?

not sure, but I've never seen a 96 file that wasn't 24/96 nor a 44.1 file that wasn't 16/44.1. This doesn't mean these are not possible (don't know), but they are certainly unlikely.

It would be nice to have variables in Mp3tag for both bit depth and number of channels. I don't know whether or not %_mode% is supposed to directly translate into number of channels, as the documentation doesn't list the possible values.