Distribute contents from one tag field to several others

We're building a database of audio shows and all the metadata about the events where they were recorded is in the %album% field currently. So the albums display in media players like:

%date%: %promoter%, "%event%: %arena%": %venue%, %location%, %country%

1996-03-09: Helter Skelter, "Voyager: The Technodrome": Sanctuary Music Arena, Milton Keynes, UK

So if I have a massive folder of files with all the details following this same format, how can I push all those variables into separate tags using the ... mapping? (I don't know all the terms for this stuff. I've already got the formula in reverse really.
Once all those details are broken up into more categories, it will be easier to arrange files by other criterea like %country% or %venue% and potentially rename files in more ways to suit more people.
I hope somebody knows a trick or two to automate an otherwise tedious task! Thanks!

Obviously I realise that many media players won't handle my custom tags like %venue%, but as long as that info is embedded in my files and I open them in MP3Tag, I should be able to utilise them to rename files in new ways in bulk.

Try an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %album%
Target format string:

I took the suggested mask from your statement - you would have to check if that really works and leads to the results that you expect. If you import data from a string (like the one in %album%), then every space and other character matters.

You find a list of standard (and supported) tag fields in the documentation:

All fields that you use but are not listed in table are most likely user-defined fields which will be handled only by very few players.

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That's terrific mate, thank you very much. Now people are gonna really think I've got too much time on my hands when I've actually just harnessed the power of the ID3. :sunglasses:

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