Do the Instructions for a simulated "ENTER key" (Line Break) make it the default?)

I don't know how to add this question into this issue below.
So I'm going to ask it here & display the issue and the solution below.
First, when I want to break up a line to begin the info on the following line (called a Line Break)
I use the Windows "SHIFT + ENTER" keys in Word, etc. I don't remember if I've done that in MP3Tag.
It's logical to me that Comments should always be multi-line.
So if I use the instructions below will this become the default then for all future COMMENT fields when I use MP3Tag. I hope so (that would save a lot of time). Please let me know either way.
I can't imagine why you wouldn't have COMMENT(s) as multi-line.


May 31

Right-click in the grey area of the tag panel and select "Adapt ..." in the menu or use Tools>Options>Tag-Panel.
There select the entry for Comment and click the Edit button.
In the drop-down list for "Size" select "multiline".

The mulitline property describes the way that MP3tag displays a field in the tag panel.
It does not say anything about what a player then makes of it.
In the tag panel you can use the simple Enter key (without any modifier) to create a new line.

If you use the extended tags dialogue and its edit window then you have to use Ctrl-Enter to get a new line. Shift-Enter or plain Enter closes the dialogue.

You can dig through that

or just make acknowledge of this fact: my audio player of choice has limitations - thus I cannot use whatever field I like

And then you can dig through that

or just make acknowledge of this fact: I use multiple descriptions of years, each meaning a different thing - thus I need more than one tag field for them

And now: if I want to see in my audio proper a vital info to me about years / dates, I need to populated the COMMENT tag field with some of them. And as a single year is written with only 4 digits and only rarely there are more [for example, without going into details, 1993-1996] I do not need more than one line for this tag field in my Tag Pnael

However- I do need more than one line for my made up tag field for comments / various information. And this I can also define

I hope I have just expanded your imagination