Do we need to change CATALOGID to CATALOGNUMBER in existing tags?

With the change from CATALOGID to CATALOGNUMBER won't we need to change the field name in existing tags? If so, what's the most efficient method of doing that?

I think it's a matter of personal preference. It largely depends on how you manage your library and what role the catalog number plays in that.

If you for example display the catalog number in a column in Mp3tag's File List or as a field on the Tag Panel, it's beneficial to have one consistent field name across your library.

Also, if you use other software that uses CATALOGNUMBER, you'd prefer to also use this field name over CATALOGID. However, in this case you'd probably already have actions that change the field names.

Using an action Format Value for CATALOGNUMBER with %CATALOGID% as format string does the trick. You can accompany that with an action Remove Fields for CATALOGID to remove the then redundant field.

But as I've said above: it's only needed if you want to use a consistent field name or if you use the value of the field in Mp3tag or in an external application.

The whole process could be condensed to just one action of the type "Guess value"
Source: ==%catalogid%
Format string: %catalogid%==%catalognumber%

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Thank you, gentlemen.

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