Do..While question(websource)

In the do ... While Parser Commands, like in the list of tracks, how to stop the getting all of the tracks if it finds in the middle of the command per example this line
"<!-- / tracklist tools menu --> ?

This is because i cannot get to work a script in a album with English and Japanese tracks, they are in the same list, I mean i don't want the list of all tracks, only the English ones, that are separated by the line above.

can someone point me the direction to do this?

the code

# Tracks

findline "class=\"smallfont\"><span class=\"label\">"
outputto "Tracks"
moveline 1
findinline "width=\"100%\" colspan=\"2\">"
joinuntil "</td>"
sayuntil "</td>"
say "|"

outputto "_Length"
moveline 2
sayregexp "(?<=<span class=\"time\">)[\d:]+(?=</span>)" ""
say "|"

findline "class=\"smallfont\"><span class=\"label\">" 1 1	
 while "<td "