Some suggestions for Mp3tag's documentation:

  • Scripting Functions

    Someone mentioned the $rand() function in another thread. The documentation of this function is incomplete. It looks like it's generating an integer in the range 0 to 32767 (2^15 - 1). It should state this.

    The $list() function was also mentioned. I don't see this documented anywhere.

    Page layout: I would suggest including all of the functions that are shown above (the ones with examples) with the 'Other functions' (change the heading text to something like 'All Functions' or 'Available Functions'). On more than a few occasions I've missed seeing the fucntions shown above because I skim through the list below.

    I would also suggest placing the examples below the list, or (better) expand the number of examples and place them on their own page. I would then link from the short documentation of any function with an example to the place on the examples page.

  • Special Fields

    I can never find the documentation for these, and it often takes several clicks poking around until I find them on the Converters page. Please place a link to the spot on the Converters page in the main documentation menu. It would also be convenient to have a link on the Scripting Functions page ('Also see: Special Fields'), as many of them behave like functions.

Lyrics aus Datei importieren?

Anyway ... the german help file looks a bit better than before, left side menu is good, and putting the "special characters" on top of the "scripting functions" page has been a must since long time.