Does M4A "aART" map to "BAND"?

I’m just checking out some tagging issues.

My question:
In Apple ".m4a" files, is the Album Artist "aART" mapped to "BAND" in Mp3tag (v2.42f)?

(It appears to, but I’d like official confirmation :slight_smile:

According to AtomicParsley, the file that I tagged using MP3tag shows "aART" as the atom for BAND. So yes, it does map to BAND.

Yes, it's official :slight_smile:

Why would you use "Appears". AP is a MP4 tagging program. It actually shows you the atoms. I wouldn't have posted if I wasn't sure about my findings.

Great, thanks! So we can officially make Logitech SqueezeCenter use it :slight_smile:

@drbeachboy: Because I tried but wasn’t sure if it was officially supported by Mp3tag (using 2.42f). Before introducing official support for aART into another application, I wanted to make sure that this would be officially supported henceforth by the latest and greatest of all taggers, Mp3tag. :wink:

Many thanks for cross-checking with AtomicParsley!