Does mp3tag embed ID3 metadata tags?

Does mp3tag support embedding ID3 metadata tags?

One example would be this is an action [$num(%discnumber%,1)-]$num(%track%,2) %title% and instead of applying as an action to the title, would it be possible to embed it as an ID3 metadata tag?

Another example would be instead of inserting years and all of that into the title and/or the folder structure, would it be possible to embed it as an ID3 metadata tag?

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Please refer to the specification of mp3tag:

I would say that the main purpose of MP3tag is to edit tags of files. The manipulation of filenames is a nice by-product.
Or in short: yes, Mp3tag embeds information in tags of files it can edit.

Thank you! And with that action, how do I embed it into the tags?

could you please show exactly what type of action you use, which field you use as source what the strings look like?
Or do you have a filename that looks like that? (Even then: please supply an exact example).
Or isn't it quite clear what a tag is?
Your example looks as though you want to rename a file with data from the tag fields ...
You see: I am little lost.

Here is a PM that I sent someone on another forum, and here is the PM I received.

PM I sent him:

Great! Thank you!

And you don't recommend tagging in front of the song title like 101 for CD 1 track 1, 201 for CD 2 track 1, right?

PM he sent me:

Naaaa, I think screwing up the Song Title with a number is just silly, plus it looks wrong when the song plays on a server or an iPod. Numbers are meant to be in metadata, not in Titles:

OK ...
So what does MP3tag show you if you load such a file into Mp3tag?
(also: We should perhaps clearify what we talk about. A "tag" is a little piece of extra data added to a file which becomes part of the file and which can be read by specific programs. This tag can be structured into "fields". The filename is no tag, it is something the file system needs to keep files apart.
So if your PM tells you that "title" and "metadata" are separate things then i cannot agree in respect to MP3 tags: TITLE is the name of a field inside an Mp3 tag. So I fear that your PM talks about the filename.)
So: what does MP3tg shos?

I haven't tried recently. Those PMs are from another forum. When applying that action in my OP, how do I apply it in metadata?

I can't tell as you do not tell me what kind of action it is.
It is very difficult to give exact advice on a theoretical level.

Just concatenate the tags to name the file

Convert -> Tag to Filename (Alt+ 1)

For example

%discnumber%$num(%track%,2) - %title%

Which gives 101 - track title for

Press F1 to read the manual which has plenty of examples.

This action [$num(%discnumber%,1)-]$num(%track%,2) %title% is TITLE. I'm sorry.

OK, to me it looks as though you try to do something with the field TITLE.
But what kind of action is it? "Format value"? "Guess values"? "Replace"? "Convert"? Something else?

The string you show me has placeholders like %track% which take the contents of a metadata field. So if that action leads to any kind of result then you already have filled metadata.

Format value. Neither that string in my OP nor the one Chris gave me gives the 101 for CD 1, 201 for CD 2 when applying it as an action (quick), and when doing tag->file name, so neither works for me. I just tried it several of times.

OK, if you have tried it several times, you can certainly tell me what MP3tag shows when you load such a file.
(This is very tyring: I have asked most of these things several times. So please try to cooperate and give as much information as possible: what does that mean "neither works for me"? What is the result of the tag-filename function? If there is no metadata, then you should get an invalid filename. or just a 0)

Do the discnumber and track fields have any values to start with??

I tried to upload the attachment, but 101 for CD 1 track 1, 201 for CD 2 track 1, 301 for CD 3 track 1, etc is not displayed. Tracks 1-6 in my screenshot is CD 1, and tracks 7-14 is CD 2.

I didn't tried when you asked me because I didn't tried it for a while, and than I tried it after a while.

It failed to upload because its too large

Here's the screenshot.

Now: Select files 1-6 and press Alt-T
This opens the "Extended Tags" dialogue
In this dialogue, click on the New button.
A dialogue opens to enter a new field, select DISCNUMBER, set "1" for disc 1
Close all dialogues to save this new field.
Continue with tracks 7-14 to set DISCNUMBER to 2.

Now try that recommended action again.


1.) What should the value be?

2.) Where do I set 1 for disc 1 at?

If you have opened the "Edit tag information dialogue" then there is a dropdown list and combo box to enter the new field name
below that is a huge text box.
In this text box enter the "1" for disc 1

I'll do it later because I'm not on my computer right now. And disc 2 value in that value box should be "2" disc 2, right?