Does mp3tag embed ID3 metadata tags?

If you need correct (numerical) sorting of tracks, discnumbers less than 9 should be formatted with a leading 0

So, you mean a 2 or 3 CD album needs to be formatted because that is less than 9? How?

I'm having a hard time understanding what you mean? I'm confused. I'm lost.

No, I'm talking about this particular scenario of a 10 or more disc 'box set' and I am assuming that you would/may be loading the entire track list in to a player.

Without a leading '0' tracks 101 - 109 would be followed in the list by 1001 - 1009 simply because the leftmost character of a string is what names are sorted by.

Your listening preferences are also a concern. If you load up a group of audio files and play them in random order, it makes no difference how they are sorted, but if you prefer to play album sets in track order then track order does matter, Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway for example sounds odd if played out of sequence.

Even if your player can sort by disc number -> track number (eg: foobar2000) disc 10 will follow disc 1.

How am I doing this like you said?


Checks if discnumber has a value of more than 0 , if true checks for being greater than 9, if not format the discnumber with a leading 0

Where do I enter that string at?

1.) I do not know how to check if a DISCNUMBER has a value more than 0. Where do I enter that string?

2.) I do not know how to check for greater than 9.

3.) I also do not know how to at all format with a leading zero. I asked in my other post, how?

YOU don't need to know, I was explaining what the line of script code does, so maybe you could learn a little about how to REALLY use MP3Tag's full potential.

Press Alt+5, set DISCNUMBER in the field, put that code in the format box. Press [OK].

Thank you so much for explaining to me! :slight_smile:

Also, how do you format with a leading 0?


Where format is the number of digits you require after padding with 0s

2 == 00, 3 == 000 and so on.

If its a 10 CD box set, anything under 10 would be 901 meaning "9" would be disc 9, and "01" would be track number, so disc 10 would look like 1001 so that's disc 10 with track number being 01, so replacing the format would be 00, right? That's two zeroes for padding, right? All I would have to do would be is to remove format from your string and enter in "00" minus the quotes?

Anything less than ten in the DISCNUMBER field will be padded with a 0, so will be 01 to 09 then as %discnumber% and %track% numbers are concatenated you will end up with a four digit string as the leftmost part.

Strictly speaking the less than 10 check is superfluous as a two digit value will not be affected by a $num(%field%,2) function.

So a Tag to Filename (Alt+1) pattern could be:

$num(%discnumber%,2)%track% - %title%

The problem with adding literal characters (00) to a value is that while '1' will become 001, 10 will become 0010.

The idea of using the scripting functions is to maintain a standard format that will apply equally to 1000 tracks on 20 discs as it will to 5 tracks on a CD single. It cuts down on any manual adjustment or selections that you have to do.

I read your post, and honestly I admit that is complicated for me to understand. Now I am totally lost and confused what to do with these scripts.

These are step by step instructions I understand. For me to understand better, will you please post step by step start to finish including any strings I need to enter like when at that particular step # and where to enter it? For example:

  1. Select any number of tracks or entire albums to include in your "compilation."
  2. Press [CTRL+I] to bring up the Multiple Item Information window.
  3. On the "Info" tab in that window, fill in Album Artist with the name you want applied to the whole compilation.
  4. On the "Options" tab in that same pop-up window, change the "Part of a compilation" option to Yes.
  5. Hit Okay to close that window and save your changes.

I think that this kind of operation refers to iTunes.
Please turn to the iTunes forum if you have questions about iTunes.

BTW: isn't this more or less the same problem that you posted in
What has become of the solution that you got there?
How does the current problem differ from the old one?

Take this comment in any way you prefer, but it is not intended as sarcastic, arrogant, patronising, etc. etc.

But maybe you need to find a tagging application that is more "pointy, clicky" than MP3Tag is, the real power of MP3Tag is only 'unleashed' when you do start to use the scripting functions.
Programming and scripting in applcations to automate tasks looks a daunting proposition at first, but once you get to grips with the methods and syntax you will find that many of your "wish list" features can be done in a few lines of scripting

Make use of the user manual (F1) where the scripting functions are explained in non-geeky language and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish in a very short time. Don't be afraid of clicking around the menus to see what does what, make a copy of a few albums and tracks that you can 'play' with so you are not worrying about "What if it goes wrong and I fubar my music collection."

You're saying dano strings will work with a 10 disc or more without formatting leading zeros? I wish I knew that otherwise we wouldn't be having a confusing subject on formatting

You're saying dano strings will work with a 10 disc or more without formatting leading zeros? I wish I knew that otherwise we wouldn't be having a confusing subject on formatting.

It is useless to discuss this theoretically without the possibility to have a look at the original data.
You have to try.
There is an undo-function in the edit menu that you may use if you have not achieved what you wanted.
What makes me suspicious is that although thread /t/14885/1 ended in July 2013 it looks as though nothing has changed ever since. And this makes it very hard for me to help.