Does MP3Tag work with iTunes 7?


When i rip CDs in iTunes to an MP3 file, MP3Tag 2.37a doesn't show the tag values. Even the Extended Tag display shows nothing (but they are clearly displayed in iTunes).

If i use MP3Gain to adjust the ReplayGain values they are displayed in MP3Tag, but nothing else.

it MP3Tag compatible with iTunes 7? this all used to work in earlier versions of iTunes (and MP3Tag does properly show the tag values from files ripped in older versions of iTunes).


Here's some more nes on this:

i just ripped a song using iTunes and all the tags showed up fine in MP3Tag.

Then i used MP3Gain to adjust the ReplayGain values. When i went back to MP3Tag and reloaded the file, the only tags it shows are ReplayGain tags. None of the original ones (title, artist) etc are dispalyed.


Go to Options > Tags > Mpeg and disable all APE options!