Does tagging overwrite the audiopart?

Good evening!

I read, here and there, that, because of its situation in beginning of audio files, the ID3v2 tags could be overwritten, if a sufficient size in not chosen before beginning tagging.
Is this size not automatically set to 16 Mo per frame, max 256 Mo for the complete tag?
And, the killing question: can this overwritting erase data in the Audio part??
Thanks for your answer.


Is this a general question about mp3 tags or about the program MP3tag?


My question concerns, effectively, mp3 tags, not the MP3tag software (software that I use since about 15 years now).
The fact is that, from this long time, I always used version 1 of ID3, with its constant size of 128 bytes, placed at the end of files.
Because the Inew place of ID3 version 2 is now at the beginning of files, I'm afraid for risks of overwriting in the audio section, that's the senses of my question.



As long as you use MP3tag, I do not think that you have to worry about malformed tags.
Sometimes there are players that cannot deal with tag data at the front and play tag data as audible beeps and clicks - but this is a player problem and not one of MP3tag.
So far, MP3tag has always taken care of the correct space for tag data of the various versions and has not overwritten audio data.

If you create a backup before any task with Mp3tag (or any other software), you are on the safe side.