Does the Mac version have the same feature set as the Windows version?

First, thank you SO much for creating a MacOS version of Mp3Tag!

How do the feature sets compare? I'd love to move to the Mac version, but not until the feature sets are pretty close.


see here for the currently supported features:

The documentation is is currently not feature-complete :smiley: In particular, it's missing topics on

  • Tag Sources (Discogs and MusicBrainz)
  • Playlist reading and writing
  • Preferences

The Mac version does not have the same feature set as the Windows version, but I'd say it's pretty close and the Mac version even handling some things in a more elegant way. What's mainly missing (based on perceived urgency of feedback) are support for custom tag sources (e.g., Apple Music, Beatport, ...).

To be sure it covers what you need and expect, you can just try the free 7-day trial available from