Does this program support number of tracks on disk or number of disks in a set?

Hi, I just start using the program, so forgive me if I have overlooked the obvious, but I don't seem to be able to enter the number of tracks on a disk anywhere. I did search the forum, but couldn't find any posts about it either.

I hope I AM overlooking something, because it's a pretty essential option IMHO. The type of files I'm trying this on is .m4a and since iTunes allows entering both, I'm pretty sure the format should support it.

Just to be clear on what I want: iTunes allows: tracknumber xx of xx and disknumber xx of xx

I hope someone can help me.

Load one of the files that has the preferred numbering into MP3tag.
Select the file in the files list.
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue.
You should see the field (probably totaltracks) in the list of fields. Memorize the name if you want to perform the following:

Close the Extended Tags Dialogue.

You can now modify the tag panel to show that field for bulk editing.
Do this in Tools>Options>Tag Panel.
Press Add and enter

Please note:
There is also the track numbering wizard that allows you to create a TRACK format with the total number of tracks.
Please note also: I think that m4a and mp3 behave differently in respect to track number and number of tracks - one has a separate field for this, the other uses a special format in TRACK.