Does your music taste changes with time?


For the 3rd time in my life I am evaluating all of my music. And it is somewhat peculiar to me why something that I know for 20-30 years still holds up, while some after 2-3 years bores me to death. Or the other way around, why some recently created music I find more to my likening than something that I was listening for 10 years but finally got rid of it

On top of that, with aging of my body I was supposed to hear less. But for me it is the other way around: sometimes I can now hear compression, which is obvious in many of my older files [created with some obsolete codecs]. And the last time I played a vinyl record was probably 25 years ago and I did not upgrade my hardware so uber-super hi-fi stereo set

And my second issue is with vocalists: Bono cannot sing, Axl Rose has awful voice, Dido during live performances has problems. How did I not hear that before?

The third would be of mediocrity within scores: if I cannot recognize the composer of a film / series music because that person failed to mark it with his / hers unique style, or if a track is unrecognizable from the available ocean of music, then what value does it have other than being some kind of filling / fertilizer?

The second time I was evaluating I got rid 1/3 of my artists [which mostly were represented by 1 or 2 songs]. But now I'm mostly getting rid of [sometimes surprisingly large] portions of music from artists that I supposedly like; both songs and instrumental compositions. Sometimes I have to stop and play something extra "good" that I have already evaluated [during that third run] just to remind myself what the supposed "good" music sounds like and that I am not throwing the baby out with the bathwater

Have you experienced maybe not shifts from one genre to another, because that is not nor never was my case, but some kind of self-realization about music, about its inner workings? About how much of your music really sucks big time? With time I have opened to other genres but with even more time I have narrowed the music itself within them

No support for reading windows explorer ratings in m4a / mp4?

Nice observation and description.
I would like to add that keeping a collection of audio files and listening to particular tracks is something completely different.
I would never delete a track that has found its way into my collection.
Still, there is the first selection process that chucks out the files that do not live up to a quality that is worth saving like a too low bitrate, bad file composition with stream errors and so on and last but not the least: the umpteenth variation of the same file that I have already got.
But once it is in the collection, it stays there.

Listening to certain tracks is very much down to mood, circumstances and other non-rational conditions and I cannot see that these have triggered me to delete files from my collection..


I too would never delete a file once it became part of my permanent collection. Storage space is cheap, and my programs allow me to quickly find any file and can easily maintain a library of many hundreds of thousands of files (more than I have!).

I agree that my taste changes over time. But it goes back and forth. There are artists and albums that I got tired of (or tired of that era/genre of music) and didn't listen for 20 years. But then something brings me back to that music, and I get on a "kick" of listening to much of of it again.

Life (and tastes) are not linear.


I suspect that probably most people here and probably everyone at for example keep whole albums. I also did that with my favorite artists for some time. And most of the time I would just skip the tracks that I didn't like when they showed up on the random generated playlist. And so I stopped pretending that in time I will start to like what I do no like

And very rarely but I do in one way or another come back to negatively grated tracks. I it isn't even a case of a tenth of a percent that I change may mind I put them in my collection. So between having thousands of what I do not like or missing few possible dozens of what with time I can start to like, I choose the second option

Me to. Every time for the last 15 years. I never add something that I do not like / value; I never add with intention to get rid of it later on [except for those 2-3 years when I added whole albums of favorite artists as I aforementioned]

And yet it is the third time that I thoroughly sweep my music; hopefully for the last time

There is umpteenth variation of a the same file and umpteenth mix of a the same song and umpteenth version of a song

If someone keeps whole albums then "has to" keep the same song in the same mix

But recently I started to get rid off some badly recorded life performances, both official and bootleg. And even studio recordings and masterings. Because I just can't stand a massacred work that I have presented [recorded / performed] in a better way

I use the word collection with also exist in my native laungaue it has some connotations that I think that also english word has. Based on I would say I view my music rather as a set / accumulation / stockpile. But that is pure semantics

I never delete hastily. In extreme cases it takes me 10-20 listening stretched over a period of weeks to be sure that it sucks. And rarely a track is saved from being deleted; but at the same time I can bring up a song from a memory and have a realization than it will not suit my renewed musical taste, before even re-listening to it


I get tired of, but not un-tired

Of course I am not able to recall something like a 89th simple piano & strings composition from some movie that I got rid of five years ago. But I can recall the so called hit songs or classics [or can be exposed to them in a taxi, on the street or when watching movies]. And so I am still waiting for a single case of going to re-liking of anything. Once I label a song as bad or kitschy, it just stays that way; or is viewed in an even worst way

That is what my friend says; who his a decade older, has a lot of musical knowledge, has an eclectic broad taste and [what is most important] has a doctorate in cognitive science

And so I have made I bet with him about my taste. I stipulated that in 10 or 20 years I will not become a fan of the opera, country, yodeling, dub step etc. nor will I completely despise artists / genres that I have enjoyed up to now. Single tracks- yes, it was happening and is happening right now. But whole albums / works- I just cannot see that happening. My empirical experiences tell me different

But that is just me. I'd like to hear other people


Hmmm... [this will be largely off-topic]

I used to think that all my music was at least good. Especially since I do not store whole albums or even can cut a track to pieces, leaving out what I did not like

But for months [years...] now I have been evaluating and re-evaluating my music. Or should I say: taking a note of change of my taste

And still [with that new taste of mine] there are those rare tracks that I just love to hear to and that supposedly good rest [that I just know I will get rid off at some point] and that new-at-least-good rest [that I just evaluated]. So I should write now: only time will tell, if I should start using that stars and some percentage based play system like yours [as I use Winamp] or continue with the purge

But as my knowledge and experience increases, I bet it will be the later one of those two options. And that is because also of this simple question: how much music one person needs [at least for personal use / leisure time related activities]? If running simple math tells me, I will be able to hear any file [by average] only once a year, then pulling it back by tempering with the chance of it being played [based on the star system] would mean one playback per 2 or 3 years for those not-so-super-extra ones? And so I have too much of it- thus need to continue the purge [of those not-so-super-extra ones]


I rip CDs, typically whole albums. I am not going to just delete a song off it bc I don't like it, for any number of reasons, but 2 of which are my tastes change as well, and other people use my music.

I use genres, and then I can pick the genres I want in a playlist, and then sort by rating and play just the rated ones i want.