Dolby AC3 Support

Florian, please, consider unofficial Dolby (AC3) support as Foobar2000 does.

There is a German thread from 2009 dealing with AC3:

... if you convert/pack AC3 to MP4 then it is supported.

I have 280000 AC3 files tagged with Foobar2000!!!
Is your name Florian?

I tried to draw your attention to an already existing discussion.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Thanks, but I had read this post before writing. You are trying to answer at all the posts in a hurry. 280 000 AC3 files !!! Relax, please…

It would have eased our discussion if you had either added your contribution directly to that thread or linked it in your topic starter post.
It is never quite clear whether a request is issued with just one particular solution in mind or more along the lines "I am looking for any solution for my problem, not just a particular one."
So just to be sure that the older discussion has not slipped through, I linked it and summarized it a little bit.
We'll see what happens to the request.