Donate links for scripts?

I just wanted to see if this was okay to do.

Would it be fine to add a donate link/button for my beatport scripts thread?

I wanted to check if this was okay and not in breach of forum rules? There's no mention of it HERE.


from my personal opinion I would say it will be ok...

Thanks for the +1 vote.

I would like an admins opinion to progress. Forgot also mention would it be okay as a signature.

I guess after 5+years of writing/maintaining the script I'd like a little reward for doing so.


Yes, I guess that's OK. Just please make sure that you make explicit, that the link is for your script and not Mp3tag – so that nobody get's irritated or has some expectations in case you'd decide to discontinue support at some point in the future.

Thanks for your ongoing efforts with the script!

Kind regards
– Florian

Thanks Florian. I've tried to make it as clear and concise as possible that it's for my script. Once you click on it, it shows that it's only for my scripts.

Do you approve of it?