don't understand Cover Art functions...


sorry if this newbie question has been covered off elsewhere; I have scanned the forums and help files - everything I see seems to be way more detailed than what I am stuck on....

simply put, currently @ 90% of my music collect has cover art associated with it... ie when I import it into iTunes almost every album has a cover art image that comes up automatically. those that don't I have used the itunes feature to fetch cover art and this usually works, a few times I have had to search (Google) album art and cut & paste a image file in. Having just reloaded my music collection into a new install of iTunes I see that all the changes I had made to files including adding missing art, changing genres etc has all gone and needs to be redone - hence I am trying out Mp3tag as way of finding a way of permenantly "correcting" these files...

having just loaded a large number of albums into the mp3tag software, I am confused as to why I do not see any album art assocaited with any of my files... looking at the default view with the Tag Panel and there is a basically empty white box at the bottom with a faint swirl graphic in it....

how can I see which allbum / files have art and which ones do not, and then "attach" art to those that do not?

I tried on one file the Tag Sources>Cover Art tool to locate cover art and select etc but still nothing shows in the Tag Panel....?


So many problems ...
To find the files without cover art apply a filter:
%_covers% IS ""
Then: iTunes loves to store the pictures in its own way but not embed them in the files. There are special iTunes tools around to attach cover art to the files.
(Embed Artwork v2.0)
Also you should check what kind of tags you read and write (Extras>Tools>Mpeg). Esp. APE tags cause irritation as MP3tag read tag versions in this priority APE>V2.x>V1.
So it could be that you see empty APE tags.
If you use the web sources check the options that you have set in the selection dialog under utils. Make sure that the covers get embedded (an I prefer to also store a copy in the file system).
So far.