Dont want to replace current file with exported one

Having a file with same name as export file. MP3 tag would generally replace the file in the destination if it finds that the file in the directory is having the same name as export file. Is there any way to stop this from happening. Also I want to concatenate the data of both the files as same name as export or the file already in the directory.

please guide if this possible.

EDIT: Ok found that append data works in this case, but mp3tag appends data in some different language.

I think that overwriting an already existing file with another one of the same name is perfectly normal OS behaviour and has nothing to do with MP3tag.

I cannot follow you in respect to the language - MP3tag exports exactly that what you have specified for the export.
Perhaps you have to modify the header in the export script according to the following options:


Awesome, I changed the encoding from utf-8 to utf-16 and it solved the problem. Thanks you are always so helpful and kind.

Keep up the great work.

Thank you!