Doses Mp3tag default to saving as Native tags for FLACs?

Hello, Great program! (Mp3tag 2.39)

I’m still kind of new to the Tag stuff.
I know that the ID3 tag is outdated, but I'm saving my wavs as FLAC now.

My question was: when you retrieve the date, artist, title info using the web, or a CD, doses Mp3tage automatically update the FLAC files suing the FLACs internal native tag? or is it saving the ID3 tag information into my FLAC files?
I’m not sure if this is something I need to specify, or if Mp3tag just knows not to put ID3 into FLAC files?

btw, when I view the FLAC file info in Winamp, it says that the format of the tag is flac, so I'm guessing this is not an ID3 tag which would be good I guess? I just wanted to make sure this info was correct.

Advanced Thanks!

Mp3tag uses the native FLAC tag format.

Thank you dano, that is awesome!

I appreciate the help!