Dot after some letters

Hey mates! Can someone help me with an issue? I edit a lot of house music and I need e simple thing but I don't know how to do it. Many artist are like that:
Alex C
Marco V
Alison B

I want to add a dot after last letter to become:

Alex C.
Marco V.
Alison B.

But I want also to do this only with certain letters because some letters should remain the same ( ex: I, U, O, A) so if you show me a script that I can edit myself with desired letters will be perfect!

Thanks a lot!

I would apply a filter first because I fear that you would be surprised to see which artist have a single last letter andn are not part of that list you supplied:
%artist% MATCHES ".* .$"

Then I would devise an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for just the selected tracks:
Search String: (.* .$)
Replace String: $1.

thanks for your answer!
But I know exactly after what letters should a place a dot, just show me an action that I can edit only my letters that I'm taking about :smiley:


You already have that in your hand if you apply a filter that features your letters, e.g.
%artist% MATCHES ".* C$"

or if you want to see more artists with "your" letters
%artist% MATCHES ".* C$" OR %artist% MATCHES ".* V$"

The action remains the same and is more or less universal for any single letter at the end.

No mate :frowning:

I Just want to apply the action to all tags, just replace letters like B C D G H T Z, etc (as a single word and if it's possible except first and last word (in this case just my letter!!) of the string!!) with B. C. D. G. H. T. Z. and so on ...

Thanks for your quick response!!!

Just a quick scan reveals:
Mousse T. (with dot)
Ice T (without dot)
DJ T. (with dot)
Timmy T (without dot)

Tenacious D (no dot)
Special D. (with dot)

and so on ...

So, I would say that a blind replace of all single letters in a list will lead to unwanted results.

actually i know how to do this but it's ugly!!! For each letter i use Replace actions like this:

Field: Artist
Action: Replace
Replace with: "C."

x - only as a whole word

but I have to do this for ... more than 20 letters ... you see what i mean? :slight_smile:

You have not tried the action yet, have you?
It relieves you from createing a separate replace action for each letter and you can apply the action to all the selected files at once.

Now here is a filter that you can append with your letters (I prepared it for D and T):

%artist% MATCHES " (D|T)$"

This filter will show only files that either have a single D or a single T at the end of the artist field. "Mousse T." would not show up then ...
Just add another vertical bar and character before the closing brackets.

If you then sort the artists, you will see which ones still need a dot and which don't (because they prefer to spell their names like that). I still think that getting an overview first and then add the dot is much safer than doing it in a bulk action.

I understand, thank you very much mate!