Doube capitilization

how do I capitalize titles to capitalize double periods in band names.

G.q. change it to be. G.Q.
J.m. Silk change it to be J.M. Silk
K.c. The Sunshine Band change it to be K.C. The Sunshine Band
R.em to read R.E.M.

The action to change the case has an extra field in which you can set which character defines a word boundary.
Add the full stop to get an upper case letter following a full stop.

i'm sorry but I did not understand any of that. can you write it down?


The field "Word starts after" (or in my screenshot "Wortbeginn nach:") is where you enter all characters that define that a new word starts and that the following character should be capitalized.

In your case it would be the space and the dot/full stop - and possibly other characters that you find along the way.

In general - the documentation should be the first source of information:

and that says also:
Words begin after any of specifies characters which mark the beginning of a new word.

Thank you. That was perfect!!

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