Double album track numbers

I'm starting to think I should number them as a group, rather than by disc. So I would have 1-20, instead of 1-10 and 1-10. Then again, the track numbers offer another way to mix up a foobar2000 song list.

What do you think?

You could consider to use the discnumber as a prefix:
Disc 1: 101 - 110
Disc 2: 201 - 210

Like that you do not loose the separation between discs, keep more or less the original numbering and still have an inclining sequence of numbers.

I am not sure what this has to do with playing tracks or foobar.

Oh, have you ever used the random playback feature? It's not entirely random. I think it plays the same "random" pattern each time you load a given playlist.

So I've come up with other ways to "randomize" the playback in foobar2000. Arrange songs by title, tack number, or length—going up or down—and you can come up with new sequences should old ones become too familiar.