Double and Triple action to execute a .bat or similiar??

I've written a .bat file to deal with the cover exports of the garbage I don't want. I want to know if its possible to write an action on file location that it dumps to.

I export to C:\foo

my nine tracks have dumped 15 images (some tracks have 2 images others only 1).

Then I copy and paste this .bat file to clean it up:

del *-MEDIA.jpg
del *-LEAFLET.jpg
del *-BACK COVER.jpg
del *-OTHER.jpg
del *-MEDIA(1).jpg
del *(1).jpg
del *(2).jpg
del *(3).jpg
del *(4).jpg
del *(5).jpg
del *(1).png
del *(2).png
del *(3).png
del *(4).png
del *(5).png
del *(1).gif
del *(2).gif
del *(3).gif
del *(4).gif
del *(5).gif

Is there an action that can simulate this functionality so that when I run the action > export cover to file > I can have an automatic action do the above on the folder to do my clean up? Or something similar?



You can execute your batch file from within Mp3tag and pass it the relevant directory path. See the Mp3tag Help page on Tools and then Options > Tools to configure it.

If you make it the default tool, then it can be executed with a simple double-click. Otherwise, you execute a tool using the context (right-click) menu.

I see how those work, and thought about them, I'd rather have a way to cascade several actions so its a one click action of :

Export covers to file:

  1. Exports all covers

  2. Removes all (1).jpgs

  3. etc until done

That .bat is fine, but would like to simply the process if possible.

The double clicking thing I do all the time by accident, so that won't work.....LOL