Double-click to open Extended Tags?

I could have sworn that previously in Mp3tag I could double-click a non-editing field such as Tags in the file list and it would open the Extended Tags dialog box for the file. I believe it was when the Default tool setting was set to 'No action'. But now, it does nothing. If I clear the 'Default tool' checkbox it opens the file (in my music player).

Was this behavior changed in a recent version?


I just found this old thread of mine (from 10 years ago, yikes!). Maybe I just can't find the setting. I'm confused.

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You can see the default action in the context menu. This action is executed when the entry is double-clicked.
Alternatively, the program that you have set in Tools>Options>Tools>Start special ... is executed.
I do not recall that it anything has changed in this respect.
The trigger to open the extended tags dialogue has been and still is Alt-T.

Please see the edit to my original post above and the link to the very old thread where I originally requested this behavior/setting. I'm pretty sure it was implemented, but I can't for the life of me figure out how or where it's configured.

A double-click for a pre-defined shortcut like ALT+T would be great.
I have never seen this function before.


I second this. Would be nice to be able to open extended tags on double click.