Double-Click to open subfolder in mp3tag

Hello there,

It's been a long time since I have last used mp3tag, but a feature I am almost certain I always used was this:

My startup path was for example "d:\albums-to-tag". This would then (as it does now) list all the files contained in the subfolders (e.g. "d:\albums-to-tag\albumtitle\disc 1").

By double-clicking on a track mp3tag would then open the subfolder of that file as its working path. So from starting at "d:\albums-to-tag" it would hop to "d:\albums-to-tag\albumtitle\disc1" as its working directory.

This would save me the time to browse to a subfolder, I would just double click on a track. Please note that I am not trying to open the subfolder in Windows Explorer - I want to use the double click to open it in mp3tag, so that I only look at the tracks contained in that subfolder.

What am I missing? Did this feature never exist and I just imagined using it 10 years ago?

Kind regards,
a confused fan of mp3tag :smile:

Go to Ctrl-O > Tools
Create a tool that opens MP3tag again with the
Parameters: /fp:"%_folderpath%"
save it
and select this tool as special tool to be executed at a double-click.

Thank you very much, ohrenkino! That works for me. :smiley: