Double digit track numbers

I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find it.. and the one solution I did find didn't work.
Is it possible, using regular expressions, to put 0's before all file names with single digit (1-9) track names? All my files are named: 1 - song name, but it should be 01 - song name
I figured out the auto numbering system too late and I have a LOT of mp3s that need to be renamed. If not a way to rename file names, surely there is a way to add 0's to only single digit track numbers so I can convert tag -> filename?


Use autonumbering wizard to renumber them, there is an option for the leading 0. Then use the Tag>Filename to rename. Be careful that you don't change the significant digit of the track, I would recommend doing one album at a time. Perhaps copy a few folders over to a temp folder and practice on that until you are comfortable doing larger batches.

Create an Action and use Format value. For Field: put in "TRACK" and for Format string: put in $num(%track%,2). Then do Convert Tag - Filename.

That way you can do your whole library at the same time.

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Perfect, thanks!