Double play of MP3

Hello, everybody i have one issue i would like to ask community for help.
I am using MP3TAG for long time without any issue experienced till new update installed (v3.00). Having dedicated USB flash disc for use in my car, i recently added some music and also modified some Tags of existing mp3 files (with 3.00 version).
Now, when i try to play music from my flash disc, it seems all recently added folders and files edited are displayed twice and also played twice by my car player. So all folders not edited recently (i.e. done with previous version of MP3TAG) are perfectly OK, all new and/or recently edited (in v3.00) are shown and played twice by my car player.
My car is VW Passat 2019.
Checking flash disc via computer, all looks OK - no folder nor file is there twice. I already format flash disc, but still the same issue.
Any suggestion what is wrong or how to repair?
Thank you

Long shots, but

Possibly your car player does some weird caching.

Possibly you have ALBUM or TITLE tagged twice in the newly edited files.

Here is a German thread where users complain about sluggish discovery of new tracks and duplicate ones.
At first glance it does not look like an MP3tag problem.
I would look for a function to delete all media files in the player and then let it discover the new ones from the card.

Hello, vilsen - thanks for your comment.
Any suggestion how can i check ALBUM or TITLE tagged twice in newly edited files? And how to remove. Openeing that folders in MP3TAG i do not see any difference from "normal" ones.

I think it's more likely that the problem is with your player, but here's how you can see all the tags in a file:

Select one file, then go to View > Extended Tags (or hit Alt+T on the keyboard)

There you can see ALBUM and TITLE and they should only occur once for each file.

If those tags are OK (which they probably are), your next step would be to check if the player caches and remembers files from previously used media.