Double records in YEAR ex (2012/2012)

I have problem with MP3Tag (latest)
Half of collection appears with broken records of year tag (for example year is 2012//2012)

Anyone can help me with that? Any idea what causes that?

Have a loook with the extended Tag-View (ALT-t).
You will see that there are 2 year-tag-fields.
In the extended tag-view you can delete one of these.
There is also an action of the type "Remove Duplicate Fields".

A possible reason why this happened maybe the use of Mediamonkey for tagging.
If you use Mediamonkey and want to use it also in the future: there is a setting in Mediamonkey that can avoid this.
Add this to the file mediamonkey.ini:


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Thank You for answer! :slight_smile:
I never used Mediamonkey. I used Serato, Virtual DJ, AIMP - maybe those programs make conflict?
Its weird because when i check mp3 in windows explorer > properties - it shows up only one record.

How can i mass-remove duplicate fields? Its around 2000 files. :open_mouth:

Just as I wrote:
Mark all files with duplicate year-tag, call the extended tag-view (Alt-t) and remove one of the tag-fields.

If you are sure that there no other multivalue-fields that you want to keep, you can also use the action that will remove all duplicate fields.

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The problem is that half of files have just one YEAR field and rest have it double (with same value)
How to remove all duplicate fields then?
Availible actions are only Case conversion, CD-R and few Standard - can't find it.
Google does not help :confused:
Figured it out: Shift+Alt+6 to open action menu.

Now how to find what messed my tags? VirtualDJ maybe?

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