Double slash trick

Hello! I often use "\\" as separator character in some tags, but instead of one tag i get several because of splitting. Is there any way to disable this double slash trick?
(I know about "Merge dublicate tags" action, but may be there is better way?)

The answer should be:
Don't do it.

Do not use the double backslash sequence for any other intention than the defined usage in Mp3tag.
Mp3tag provides this double backslash character sequence as a "reserved word" to give the user the chance to handle multi-value tag-fields. This is useful because the ID3 standard has defined a non displayable value as the multi-value delimiter, what is simply not easy useable as the practice had shown.

Well, it is thinkable to use any other character from any codepage as the surrogate character for replacing the binary null value delimiter, e. g. other applications uses the semicolon ";" as the surrogate multi-value delimiter.

But for now, take it as is.
Mp3tag uses "\\" as the surrogate delimiter to handle the binary null delimiter of a multi-value tag-field.