Double zeros


(i searched the forums and google, but could not find an answer to my question.)
when i add podcasturl to a podcast episode, it also adds two 0's to the beginning of my track file name.

"00 morning_sun.ext"

how can i make it stop adding "00" to every single file i edit?

thanks in advance!

How and where do you add the podcast url?
The 2 zeros have to be somewhere in your formatting instruction of in the data you use. So please give a concrete example of your workflow and the data you use.

well, now that i am working on it again, i cannot remember what exactly caused it, nor can i make it happen again when i replicate the steps with fresh files.

also, the podcast description is not in these older podcasts, but i'm pretty sure they once existed. i'm not sure if the updating id3 tag info or itunes caused it. ... i just verified that the original file did have said description embedded into podcast, so regardless of what caused it, it's gone.

instead of trying to manually repair all of these podcasts, which isn't worth it, i'm just going to bite the (time) bullet and re-download all of the original podcasts once and for all having a clean library.

anyway, i still like this program and will (already have) suggest it to people.