double \\ ?


using %_directory%\00-%artist%-%album%.m3u as playlist name gets me an unwanted \ in the m3u file:
#EXTINF:372,Nightwish - Bless The Child
\01-Nightwish-Bless The Child.mp3
#EXTINF:235,Nightwish - End of All Hope
\02-Nightwish-End of All Hope.mp3
#EXTINF:259,Nightwish - Dead To The World
preview of the m3u filename is Nightwish-2002-Bless The Child\\00-Nightwish-Bless The Child.m3u

also in the tag-filename preview it shows two \ after the album for this:


Thank you for reporting!

This bug was introduced in V.2.17f and is now fixed in V.2.17g.

Best regards,
~ Florian


the problem is still in the export placeholders like %_folderpath% ...


Please paste an export configuration and your results. I can't reproduce it here.

~ Florian



No Cover!


Just remove the backslash between the placeholder and the cover-filename :slight_smile:

~ Florian


yea that works :slight_smile:
and if i use file:/// in front of the path even firefox displays the pictures :slight_smile:


Maybe the nested breaks Firefox.


i already removed that it neede the file:/// just as it needed this for opening a folder in the browser