Download and embed artist art for iTunes update 12.5.21

Anyone who's updated to the latest iTunes has seen all the ui changes they've made. Right now the one I'm trying to fix is the change in Artist List mode where they made the change from Album cover to Artist cover. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world but only artist covers are downloaded if you've bought the music off the iTunes library. so naturally 99% of people on itunes have music from various other sources. Is there anyway we can tag files to trick iTunes into downloading artist art?;sh=22a50e6c

You can set the type of the embedded picture. The usual one is "cover cover" - but "Artist" is also one of them.
You can setup a column in MP3tag with "%_cover_type%" for "value". Only the first cover type in the file is shown.
You can filter for files that do not have anything but front covers:
NOT %_cover_type% HAS front