Download Cover Art but NOT write to tag

On my desktop, i have mp3tag installed, and when I download album art (using MusicBrainz), it downloads the art to an album.jpg file in the album folder. Perfect. Then I can edit the file if needed, and then add it to the metadata.

I just installed mp3tag on my laptop, and when I do the same thing, it downloads and writes the album art to the files. I do not want it to be written, because I don't want 1000x 1000 images, for example, written. automatically.

I can not find any difference in my setup where this functionality is controlled. Please advise.

See the web sources result dialogue and the "Utils" button at the bottom left.
There you can set whether the cover should be embedded or not.

outstanding. thank you!

You can also right click on the cover to change the settings.

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