Download cover art

I installed MP3tag for two reasons: To copy Artist to Album Artist (that's sorted) and to download cover art into my album folders. With this I'm struggling and don't find the right info in the help file.

I only want to download cover art, not overwrite or add any information to my MP3 files. If I connect to Musicbrainz I get a huge pile of information that I don't want. For Discogs I seem to need an account.

What's the best way to do this?

Oh, and next level question: I'm looking at uploading my music to either iBroadcast or Astiga. The former seems to have a way to select cover art from the album menu, but it's a lot of work to do this for every album. The latter is a cloud player. I think (though not sure) that I have to upload the image with the album to the cloud. Or are there other ways to handle cover art?

Thanks a lot

You find dedicated web source scripts in the corresponding menu. There are some that are in the "Cover Art" submenu

Can you please be a bit more clear to me? I honestly didn't expect to do anything with my music collection, but GPM happened, and I'm currently running between finding alternatives to trying to fix problems, to trying to find a fix for fixes. It's all a bit above me.

You mean the Web Source Scripts subforum? I'm afraid I don't find a cover art submenu there. :frowning: Sorry for being thick.

MP3tag has a menu called "Web Sources".
In that you find an entry called "Cover Art" which features more entries.
Probably the "Musicbrainz" script is one for you to try.

Got it. Thanks a lot! I simply didn't look far enough in the MP3tag menu. This will probably sort this problem :slight_smile:

Ok, I'm afraid I have another question: so it looks like the cover art doesn't download but still shows up. What actually happens here? Does this function add a link to the coverart, and this gets loaded when I'm online? I don't want to use data when I'm abroad, thus something like this could potentially be problematic.

After you found the right cover, see the "Utils" button in the confirmation dialogue.
A little menu is "hidden" in that button, where you can set where the cover should be saved, e.g as file or embedded in the file.
You set the filename for the cover in Tools>Options>Web Sources.
The filename may use text constants like "folder" and/or variables like

Thanks a lot. I'll continue with this tomorrow.