Download & Embed Album Art from URL in Tag

Over the years I have added the urls of my album art to a tag of the associated file. I didn't have a specific plan at the time but it seemed easy enough to do (automated in most cases). Years later a need emerges - I need to download and re-embed the album art of many files, due to a error I'd prefer not to relive in this message. Anyway, I assumed I would throw together a quick action:

  • Check for my album art tag
  • if found, download the art and embed it into the file

Pretty simple, right? Or so I thought. It seems there is no easy way to do this, at least one that I can find. Does anyone have any suggestions? It is worth noting that I have hundreds of file need updating so I would prefer a batch solution, if available.


You could add a Tool in Tools>Options>Tools
that opens your web browser with url as parameter.
You would have to download and save the picture, though.

You can use the Export function to create a batch file that downloads all images (with curl or wget) and then use Mp3tag action to embedd the images.

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Thanks dano! I've not used export before. Would you be able to point me to an similar example? I am not sure how to isolate the tag(s) and generate a consolidated batch file.

Thanks ohrenkino. This (manual downloads) is the process I am trying to avoid. That said, if I could figure out a way to batch download (similar to an export cover art) using an external tool I could easily write an import action... You've got me thinking...

Export example, asuming you want to download 1 cover per folder and %coverurl% is the tag field with the url.

$filename(Download cover images.bat,ansi)set wget=ENTER PATH TO WGET.EXE HERE
$loop(%_folderpath%,1)PUSHD "%_folderpath%"
$if(%coverurl%,'%wget%' %coverurl%,)
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