Downloaded setupfiles with problems


This is only to inform You:
When I download version 2.32 from Your own website:
or from SnapFiles:
I got consistent downloaded files with different sizes, without the normal icon and files, which do not work properly. It seems to come up a DOS-box with errors, when the downloaded file is attempted to be executed. :astonished:

When I download version 2.32a from Your own website:
or when I download version 2.31 from
or when I download version 2.32a OR 2.32 from:
everything are fully OK. :smiley:

Conclusion: I don't have a problem myself, because I can use one of the succesfully download-ways mentioned above, and I don't know the value of this information for You - but now I have given You my experiences!



[X] 2.32a installer error


I've just checked the downloads and everything works fine here. Are you using a download manager by chance?

Best regards,
~ Florian



I am not sure, what Your term "by chance" means? If it goes for the browser, I can inform You, that I - as many times every week succesfully - use the normal "Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519" and the operativsystem: Microsoft Windows XP, Home edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 2.

To day at 14:17 o'clock (EU-summertime) I tried a download again from
and jeg get again a faulty file!

So I tryed to download from Your german website:
and the file got downloaded succesfully.

The "good" file has the size 1.382.344 bytes in the properties (1350 kb in the overview) -
but the "bad" file has only 1.353.813 bytes in the properties (1323 kb in the overview).

If You are interested, I can send You the bad file from today: Fx You can send me a e-mail-address, I an use to send it as an appendix.

Is it perhaps a possibility, that the browserprogram can give a "finish-message" before time? Could Microsoft newest patches about the security have a role under circumstances?

I shall also inform You, that I later to day tried to download from
with - in stead of the normal leftclicking - rightclicking followed by "Save destination as" - and then I got the file downloaded succesfully!

Could the problems under circumstances have with the popups to do?




Sorry, this is unreproduceable for me.

Maybe there was a server error when you've first downloaded the setup and your browser now still caches the "bad" version.

Both the international and the german site are using the same self-written load-balancing script, which just redirects to the real destiantion of the file.

Best regards,
~ Florian


My PC resets automatically the cache by every shut down - and the PC was just started up, where I did the first download yesterday, so it shouldn't be the case.
Never mind - I have informed You about the matter, which was my intention - and I became later a useful file - so I will stop now about this theme.

To day I have run Your program for the very first time - and I must express to You: it looks very nice and logical.