Downloading Album Covers

I organized my music file in Windows then I opened MP3Tag to search for Album Covers. When I find a cover I like, I Hit OK. Then I see the cover on the MP3Tag screen but the Title and Date that I had entered are changed to information on the search site. Can I stop this change from happening?

How do you find covers you like?
Where do you hit OK?
What date are you referring to (there is a field YEAR or RELEASETIME but no DATE)?
Which version of MP3tag do you use? Your signature only shows a question mark.

I have Version 2.77.
When do I hit Ok? First I highlight a File (song). Then I 'hit' the triangle symbol on the tool bar. The symbol is the upside down triangle next to the wrench. This brings up a screen that has options for places to search. I choose This brings up the results of searches, I guess, and shows albums that have music by the artist I have highlighted. Usually I choose Next on this screen and get another screen that showsan album with a list of songs this artist has covered. It I see a title on that list that is the same as the title in my file I hit OK.

The date I am referring to is the number that goes in the Date field of the 'file' with I am working. I think it is suppose to be the date the title was made originally but it can be the date the title was re-recorded. I want to keep the date the song was originally recorded.

Can you help me now?

I'll try.
If you use just the link and not the Menu item for Cover Art>, you open a script that does not only update the picture but also all the other tags. So this might explain why your work get overwritten.

The file properties have nothing to do with the tags inside file. So the file properties of file creation date, file modification date will change all the time and hardly ever reflect a release date. AFAIK there were hardly any digital representations of e.g. Beatles songs so a date for a file reaching back to the 60s is unlikely, I guess.
Fill the fields YEAR, ORIGYEAR and/or RELEASETIME to record the various dates.
If you do not want to see that MP3tag has touched a file, see Tools>Options>Tagsfor the option to keep the file dates.

Thank You. Art Cover is what I want but did not know to use it.