Downloading Tags for Albums with Multipule Discs


:unsure: When I have a Album with Multiple disc's and try to download the track titles from Amazon It lists the tracks from say 1 to 50, and not as Disc 1, 2, or 3.

I have tried re-numbering the files but this does not work. i would be grateful for any ideas. As I have many Albums to do.


I did this yesterday. Its mildly annoying, but I just auto numbering wizard and it solves the problem.

My bigger concern is that some of my albums were not being displayed in numerical order even though its sorted by album (I presume it sorts by your selection, then by track number). I also tried sorting by directory but the files retained their improper order. I tested the import of information onto these files and it did not match up the track numbers, resulting in incorrect tagging.

Someone should look into that...