drag and drop/ability to change order

I would like to be able to manually move the track order, then apply the auto numbering. Is there a way to do this?

Right right on the top of any column >customize columns or at the menu>edit>customize columns and do as attached and put '%discnumber%%track%'. This ensures disks are sorted first then tracks. You could also put %album% before %discnumber% to ensure better sorting. Since I only work with only a handful of files at a time this is not needed so much.

Just wondering are you aware of the Web Source Scripts on here. /c/web-sources-scripts


Sorry misunderstood the question!!

ALT key and drag files

Hold down ALT key then drag the files. Ur use ALT+Up/Down

ALT! sweet, thanks!

Maybe it's in the docs somewhere but this was also (most welcome) news to me.

Suggestion: perhaps an indicator of this functionality could be pointed to in the UI for the Auto-numbering wizard?