Drag and Drop changes directory...

For some reason, this happens to me a lot (evidently I can't aim)...

When I think I'm scrolling I'm actually dragging at the extreme right hand side of the file list. What happens after I do that is it loads that subdirectory only. Is there any way to turn off this behavior, even if it's in the registry only?

You can move Mp3Tag window to the right or maximize it to avoid dragging something on the right side... :flushed:

And then how would I scroll exactly? I already maximize the window...


Sorry, but I don't understand what you're describing. Please be a little bit more specific.

~ Florian

This is what I think he means...

He thinks that he is moving the vertical scroll-bar but he is actually drag-and-dropping a file which on release causes MP3Tag to load the directory where the drag-and-dropped file resides. I prepared a small movie to demonstrate this since it's pretty hard to explain the behavior.

Attachment 254 not found.

It is not a bug obviously, but he is asking if it is possible to disable the current behavior.

Ahh, I understand :slight_smile: Thanks Sebastian!

I could try to detect, whether Mp3tag is the drag'n'drop source and disable drag'n'drop in these cases. This way you won't be able to load subdirectories using drag'n'drop.

I don't know if someone is using this feature and will miss it :rolleyes:

Best regards,
~ Florian

Thank you as well Sebastian, that's exactly what I meant. Florian, if you're able to detect if it were coming from mp3tag, that would be a great help. Thanks :slight_smile:

[EDIT: Fixed typos]

I would also voice my desire for this change.

I know i have done this a few times. It does get annoying when you are working with a large group of files form various subdirectories and inadvertently do this and load only the directory of the dragged file.


I've been using this "feature" a lot after discovering it by accident too, although I guess I wouldn't really mind if it was taken out.

At first it was a bit annoying but I found it's quite a quick way to traverse into a subdirectory, in fact, I think I use it so much I don't think I even know another way to go into a sub directory!

The current Development Build fixes this unwanted behaviour.

Hope everything is working well, because the implementation of the window detection during the drag'n'drop operation was a little bit tricky :rolleyes:

Best regards,
~ Florian

Thanks again, Florian. this is great news.

I will report back if I have any problems.

Could MP3Tag load the directory on a right double-click? :slight_smile:

You can still load the subdirectory by dropping the a on one of the file views header columns.

I've left this hidden feature for people who would have missed the quick navigation to subdirectories :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian