drag and drop not working

Hi, first I'd like to say that this is a brilliant program for what I need - just having a little trouble. I have windows 7 (64bit) and find that I can't drag and drop any music files into MP3TAG. I've tried changing the compatibility settings (on mp3tag) to run as administrator and back again, and re-installed it but still nothing.

any ideas what's going on? everything else seems to work fine.

The only thing that I can think of which would make it look as if drag and drop is not working is if you have a filter accidently active. Press F3 and try dragging them in again. Other than that I don't know what may be wrong.

unfortunately, the F3 button had no effect (other than telling me I had no files selected). The other thing I noticed, which might be connected, is that if I drag a music file onto the desktop shortcut of mp3tag, in order to open it in that program, the program opens but the file is not opened in it.

still, if you've not come across this before, it could just be something to do with my windows installation.

thanks anyway..

Are you aware that if you have ticked the box for context right clicking in the instalation then you can select files in windows explorer and open with mp3tag. Its a workaround which might help.

I am having the same problem, did you ever resolve it?

There have been a number of access rights problems in the context of W7.
As apparently the opened Explorer blocks some files it looks like a much better workflow to open files either from within mp3tag's file select functions or copy&paste the path into the address field in the tag panel.
in general: if the files you access have not the same owner as the one who opened mp3tag then there may be problems when attempting to open these files. It could be that mp3tag does not see a file as windows "thinks" mp3tag must not see that file at all.
What would be interesting: are you able to drag&drop files when mp3tag is already opened so that the reluctant behaviour is mainly related with the icon?