drag-and-drop sorting and refresh


Hi. I've been trying out mp3tag for several days now and I quite like it so far. I particularly like the foobar-like scripting interface.

Have a few more questions though:

Can anyone tell me the scripting variable for the filename extension? I couldn't find it in the helpfile. I'd like to be able to display just the filename extension in a column instead of the full codec name.

Concerning the GUI: I think it might be useful to have an option where mp3tag retains the sorting done by the user via the GUI when the refresh button is clicked. After doing some drag & drop sorting (using the ALT key) of files in a directory, I noticed that when I hit the refresh button, mp3tag reloads the current directory and re-sorts my files alphabetically (I think), thus cancelling the sorting that I just did. Is there a way to make mp3tag remember my non-column-based sorting when I hit refresh? It's useful for people like me who frequently have to manually sort files in a directory (and sometimes fix some tags as well) prior to autonumbering and renaming to '01. %title% - %artist%' in order to have songs play in the order that I want. Anyway, column-based sorting is readily available to the user by just clicking on the column headers.

Also, the tracknumbers do not update automatically after I use autonumbering. I usually have to hit refresh. Is there an option somewhere that will fix this?

On another different matter: Is it possible to include an option (perhaps a simple checkbox) to disable the startup/splash logo screen? It's a minor issue, of course. I can delete the splash screen using Resource Hacker, but I thought it might be better to have a simple checkbox option, if it's not too troublesome to implement.

Sorry for the long post.

Thanks in advance


Hi, filename extension = %_extension%


I get a blank column if I put it in the Value or Field box.


Yeah, me too.

You could use "$mid(%_filename_ext%,$add($strrchr(%_filename_ext%,.),1),$len(%_filename_ext%))" as value in the meanwhile.

Edit: The %_extension% variable is not available in the columns customization. Only in the export.


Thanks Sebastian. Worked nicely.

Is there a way to prevent mp3tag from sorting my files when I hit refresh? I usually sort via GUI drag-and-drop, edit a few tags prior to autonumbering. However, my sorting gets cancelled when I refresh. Any advice?


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That is weird, it works on my side. :unsure:

Edit: It seems that the track numbers of the files I manually sorted do not get updated.

There are some English and German posts about this already. Basically, MP3Tag loads the language and the settings while displaying the splash screen. Additionally, copyright information is shown.
Florian decided not to include an option for disabling the start-up screen.


Thanks for the reply, Sebastian.

Should I upgrade to the latest dev version, then?

Okay. No problem. Perfectly understandable.

Actually, what I really want to know is, is there a way to make mp3tag remember or preserve my manual (non-column-based) sorting when I hit refresh?

Thanks again.


This is a bug in the current version which took me the whole sunday to track down. Actually not only the tracknumber won't be updated - all tag fields are affected. I'll fix this to the next release.

Best regards and thanks for keeping the heads up!
~ Florian


No, I don't think that it's possible.

Best regards,
~ Florian


This bug is now fixed in the current Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian