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First of all, I love the program, excellent job.

My question is, is there any way to drag (several directory folders) and drop onto mp3tag and not have it wipe out the existing files in mp3tag. To put it another way I'd like to append the directories I've dragged to the existing list of files in mp3tag. There is also the File -> Add directory... option in the menu, but this only allows adding a single directory (when I would like to add multiple directories). Is there any way to do this in v2.42 or could it be possible in a future release?

The reason I'm needing this functionality is I'm in the process of reripping a large (5000 songs or so) of AAC files to mp3. I'm using the mp3tag function "Tag Copy" and then "Tag Paste" to copy my existing AAC tags to my newly ripped mp3 versions of the same songs. I'm tag copying several hundred files at once, by firstly dragging and dropping several AAC directory folders into mp3tag. At this point I would like to drag and drop the mp3 directory folders of the same songs into mp3tag, but this just blanks out the existing files. So I end up having to add each mp3 album directory individually using the "Add directory..." menu option. If I could add multiple directories using this menu option, or if I could drag & drop directories onto mp3tag without it removing the existing files first, it would save me a lot of time.

Thanks again for a wonderful program,

Ok so I should have done a search in the support forum first, I just did and found that by pressing Ctrl whilst dragging & dropping the files are appended to the existing list.

I would be nice if you could Add multiple directories at once, but no rush on that.
Thanks again.

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You can: Just do a multiple selection of the directories you wish to work upon in the right Windows Explorer directory pane, right-click on any one of the marked directories and select »Mp3tag« from the context menu … Presto!

Actually I meant it would be nice to select multiple directories using the "Add directory..." menu item in mp3tag. But in any case the functionality I need is already present as you mention, and also by holding Ctrl when dragging & dropping.

Hmm... This didn't get set up after I ran the mp3tagv242setup.exe MP3tag installer in Windows XP SP3.

I'd uninstall, and reinstall, but I don't want to loose everything I've set up so far. Is it just a matter of backing up everything in:

C:\Documents and Settings\Mine\Application Data\Mp3tag

And then copying it all back after reinstallation?


Please just run the installer again and select the option. No need to uninstall or manually add anything.

Thanks dano... That worked better than the registry hack I attempted.

I don't suppose there's any way to modifify the order in which MP3tag reads tags is there? Seems by default for the tags I use it's APE > ID3v2 > ID3v1

Most of my library has APE tags set by an older copy of FB2K when I processed files for replaygain. That resulted in all the abbreviated data in the ID2v1 tags being copied over to the APE tags.

I like to have reading APE tags enabled in MP3tag so I can confirm files have replaygain data set when editing tags. But if I rename those old files based on tag data, MP3tag will use the data from the APE tags. And that clips the full tag data stored in the ID3v2 tags.

By mistake I recently did that, forgetting I had reading APE tags enabled. I had to go back and manually re-enter the data that got clipped. It's easy enough to disable reading APE tags in the options before I do any renaming. But it'd be nice if I could change the order MP3tag reads the tags


No, the order cannot be changed.

Deciding for one tag format in your collection and fixing the existing tags seems to be the most reasonable way there.

Okay... I can live with things the way they are. I can add yet another new user comment about this program really blowing me away by its vast functionality and how incredibly well it's been set up.

Kudos to the developers!

Thanks :slight_smile: