Drag & Drop album art from browser

I am able to Drag and Drop album art from Firefox into MP3Tag, but not from Chrome or IE.
Any chance of adding a compatibility for Chrome?
IE, view the album art in Chrome from Amazon, and drag & Drop into MP3tag?

I haven't tried it, but are both processes (Mp3tag and Chrome) running under the same user?

Yes, running as the same user.

Kind of a side note, but I kind of prefer saving album art to a folder, then dragging it from windows to the album art box in mp3tag.

When I used to drag straight from my browser the filesize of the art displayed in mp3tag (most of the time) larger than the actual size of the file (i guess mp3tag converts the file or something). When I save the file to windows, and THEN drag it over to mp3tag, the art retains its original size.